The Masters of Molecular Life Sciences is suitable for students with a Bachelor degree in Life Sciences or an equivalent study. If you have just graduated, you can enroll in the full-time course. If you are already working in the field, you enroll in the part-time course and combine it with your work.

This course and your newly gained professional experience gives you insight into the connection between theory and practice. You will also deepen and broaden your knowledge and skills in scientific research and project management in areas such as quality control, guidelines and regulations, patents, bioinformatics, statistics, finance and business development. This will help you communicate with experts in these areas and function as the link between lab technicians, experienced project leaders, and different disciplines. You will learn to balance the interests of various experts and partners involved in your projects. Your practical experience and scientific knowledge will help you contribute to the efficient implementation of projects.

The Master of Molecular Life Sciences takes 2 years full-time. It is possible to enroll for individual modules and decide to finish the course later. For more information see here.

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